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Inglese Conversazione


Docente Paul Van Gastel

ogni martedì alle 18, a partire da martedì 18 febbraio

Prima lezione di prova gratuita

Grazie a un docente esperto, che attraverso 12 incontri ti guiderà in un percorso pratico ed efficace, potrai imparare a comunicare correttamente in lingua inglese nelle situazioni più varie, come in un viaggio all’estero o in una semplice conversazione. Questo livello presuppone una conoscenza base dell’inglese già assodata, in modo da poter conversare su diversi argomenti grazie alla guida di un docente madrelingua specializzato. Sono previsti piccoli gruppi, con un massimo di 9 partecipanti.

“My English conversation course is ideal for who wants to brush up their English, with a focus on speaking and listening, and fluency in general. Every lesson we will start with a number of easy warm-up exercises in pairs, such as “role playing” and “listen-and-then-repeat”. We accommodate for students of different levels. We start from a basic description of your weekend or a movie you have seen recently, to move on to forming your opinion about a subject and discussing it with the others, to how-to-write-an-email.At the end of the course you’ll find yourself prepare and do a presentation on a subject of your own choice. Conversation is good, but not only about everyday topics. We also read and discuss a famous book, this year Tracy Chevalier’s The Girl With The Pearl Earring. In order to tailor for students of different levels, I will use this book in different ways, also because you may not have so much time in between lessons to dedicate to reading. We’ll briefly discuss a short number of pages per lesson to make sure everybody knows what is going on, and we will look at the background story of this fascinating painting. And last but not least, my lessons are fun. During my lessons you’ll find yourself having to swim and survive, as there is the strict English-only rule. It is part of learning and will prove useful when travelling abroad in real-life situations for business or pleasure in today’s world where English has become the dominant international language.”

12 incontri di due ore, a partire da 240 euro

E’ possibile contattare il docente per un colloquio personalizzato per individuare il proprio livello.

Per iscrizioni e informazioni: 049.9817459